To Catch A Killer (2023) review:a boring movie

This is not an action movie, but rather a detective thriller. Don’t expect any over-the-top action scenes, car chases, or exciting moments. The movie follows two main characters, and although it is well-acted and made, it falls short in terms of direction and writing.

The film started off strong, but after the first 10 minutes, it quickly went downhill. Unfortunately, there are no likable characters in the movie, and it spends more time complaining about politics than profiling the killer. As a result, the movie lacks both tension and drama, and I found myself feeling numb throughout. The soundtrack doesn’t help either, as it’s rather boring.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time watching this movie.

To Catch A Killer (2023) review:a boring movie
To Catch A Killer(2023)Official Trailer

To Catch A Killer (2023) details

Director:Damián Szifron
Writers:Damián Szifron、Jonathan Wakeham

Release date:April 21, 2023 (United States)
Country of origin:United States
Also known as:Misanthrope
Filming locations:Montréal, Québec, Canada
Production companies:FilmNation Entertainment、RainMaker Films

To Catch A Killer (2023) storyline

Baltimore. New Year’s Eve. A talented but troubled police officer (Shailene Woodley) is recruited by the FBI’s chief investigator (Ben Mendelsohn) to help profile and track down a disturbed individual terrorizing the city.

To Catch A Killer (2023) top cast

  • Shailene Woodley(Eleanor)
  • Ben Mendelsohn(Lammark)
  • Jovan Adepo(Jack McKenzie)
  • Ralph Ineson(Dean)
  • Richard Zeman(Frank Graber)
  • Dusan Dukic(Krupp)
  • Jason Cavalier(Marquand)
  • Darcy Laurie(Rodney Lang)
  • Mark Camacho(Chief Jackson)
  • Frank Schorpion(Nathan Bowen)
  • Dawn Lambing(Irene Michkin)
  • Martyne Musau(Samantha)
  • Adam LeBlanc(Diner Manager)


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