The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)review:mario fans love this movie 100%

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) is an incredible animated adventure film and one of the best video game adaptations I’ve seen. It’s an absolute blast and I loved everything about it. The film’s score is among the best I’ve ever heard and it fits perfectly with the story.

This movie is made for kids and fans of Nintendo’s Mario franchise, but even if you’re not a fan, I still think you could enjoy it. The fan service is so well done that it will keep you smiling throughout the entire film. The audio, including the sound effects and the reimagined iconic music, was amazing.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)review:mario fans love this movie 100%
The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)Official Trailer

As someone who grew up playing Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, and other games in the franchise, I was excited to see this movie based on nostalgia alone, and it definitely delivered on that front.

Universal Pictures and Nintendo did an excellent job of creating a film that caters to fans of the game. There are plenty of references and call-backs that fans will appreciate. The animation is fantastic, and it’s amazing how realistic everything looks. It baffles me how realistic looking they can make everything.

I’m already looking forward to the sequel and highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves Mario or Nintendo games.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)review:mario fans love this movie 100%
The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)Official Trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)details

Directors:Aaron Horvath、Michael Jelenic、Pierre Leduc
Writer:Matthew Fogel
Stars:Chris Pratt、Anya Taylor-Joy、Charlie Day
Release date:April 1, 2023 (United States)(Los Angeles, CA, premiere)
Countries of origin:United States、Japan
Official sites:Nintendo (Japan) Official Facebook
Also known as:Super Mario Bros. La película、Der Super Mario Bros. Film(Austria)、Super Mario Bros. le film(France)、Der Super Mario Bros. Film(Germany)、Super Mario Bros – Il film(Italy)、Super Mario Bros.: La película(Spain)、Super Mario Bros. Filmen(Sweden)
Filming locations:Paris, France(Studio)
Production companies:Universal Pictures、Nintendo、Illumination Entertainment

The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)storyline

A Brooklyn plumber named Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom with a princess named Peach and an anthropomorphic mushroom named Toad to find Mario’s brother, Luigi, and to save the world from a ruthless fire-breathing Koopa named Bowser.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie(2023)top cast

  • Chris Pratt(Mario(voice))
  • Anya Taylor-Joy(Princess Peach(voice))
  • Charlie Day(Luigi(voice))
  • Jack Black(Bowser(voice))
  • Kevin Michael Richardson(Kamek(voice))
  • Khary Payton(Penguin King(voice))
  • Charles Martinet(Mario’s Dad(voice))
  • Sebastian Maniscalco(Spike(voice))
  • Rino Romano(Uncle Tony(voice))
  • John DiMaggio(Uncle Arthur(voice))
  • Jessica DiCicco(Mario’s Mom(voice))
  • Keegan-Michael Key(Toad(voice))
  • Eric Bauza(Toad General(voice))
  • Fred Armisen(Cranky Kong(voice))
  • Seth Rogen(Donkey Kong(voice))
  • Scott Menville(Koopa General(voice))
  • Carlos Alazraqui(Additional Voices(voice))
  • Juliet Jelenic(Lumalee(voice))


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