Riddle of Fire (2023) Review:super super cute movie

Riddle of Fire (2023) is an absolutely stunning film that is definitely worth the two hours of your time. It’s a pure and innocent fairy tale adventure story, with a top-notch plot, exquisite artistry, and brilliant performances. This film takes us on a journey from a child’s perspective, exploring themes of adventure, comedy, and more, successfully breaking free from the constraints of traditional genres. I personally love this movie because it is incredibly well-made.

The plot of the film is incredibly moving, as it takes us on a thrilling journey sparked by a single egg. Although there are many coincidences, they all seem perfectly reasonable when they happen to these children. The entire story is reminiscent of the RPG adventure game that they might have been playing themselves, as they embark on a journey together, encountering various plot-driven characters, completing tasks, searching for props, and ultimately achieving their goals. The power and motivation of the children are fully displayed, and the small things they pursue are filled with immense value, making it well worth our efforts to pursue them.

This film reminds us to cherish the simple and sincere emotions, to play, to take risks, and to believe in magic! Let’s enjoy this wonderful journey together and experience those beautiful and unforgettable moments in life.


Riddle of Fire (2023) Details

Release date:May 20, 2023 (France)
Country of origin:United States
Production companies:ANAXIA、FullDawa Films


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