No Hard Feelings (2023) review:a good weekend movie


No Hard Feelings (2023) is a charming romantic comedy based on a real-life Craigslist ad. This well-written film is rated R for its strong language, drug and alcohol use, as well as sexual content, including graphic nudity. With a runtime of 1 hour and 43 minutes, the movie offers a generous dose of laughs and memorable moments.

No Hard Feelings (2023) is brimming with quotable lines, a healthy dose of slapstick humor, and adult comedy that aligns with its R rating. For the majority of the movie, I found myself thoroughly entertained. The amusing premise and overall entertainment value are undeniable.

The cast brilliantly embraces the script, with each actor contributing their unique comedic flair and delivering punchlines with impeccable timing. Despite the stellar performances, I didn’t find the film to be as hilarious as Good Boys. No Hard Feelings (2023) tends to lean more towards the dramatic side, especially during the latter half when the comedic attempts become scarce.

In the last 30 minutes, the film loses some momentum as it takes on a more serious tone—marking an imperfect aspect of the movie. Nevertheless, No Hard Feelings (2023) is a delightful exploration of themes such as friendship, shyness, coming of age, wealth, loss, love, and sex.

Jennifer Lawrence’s character stands out, showcasing the actress’s remarkable talent. Overall, No Hard Feelings (2023) is an enjoyable weekend movie that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

No Hard Feelings (2023) details

No Hard Feelings (2023) review:a good weekend movie

Director:Gene Stupnitsky
Writers:Gene Stupnitsky、John Phillips
Stars:Jennifer Lawrence、Andrew Barth Feldman、Laura Benanti
Release date:June 23, 2023 (United States)
Country of origin:United States
Also known as:No Hard Feelings(United States,United Kingdom,Australia,Canada)、Le challenge(France)、Μαθήματα Αποπλάνησης(Greece)、Fidanzata in affitto(Italy)、Sin malos rollos(Spain)、
Filming locations:Montauk, New York, USA
Production companies:Excellent Cadaver、Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment、Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
Runtime:103 min

No Hard Feelings (2023) storyline

Lawrence’s character portrays the “ne’er-do-well” who answers a Craigslist ad that was placed to hire a date for an introverted and socially awkward teen boy, by his mother and father, who also just so happens to be preparing for college soon.(From imdb)

No Hard Feelings (2023) top cast

  • Jennifer Lawrence(Maddie Barker)
  • Andrew Barth Feldman(Percy Becker)
  • Laura Benanti(Allison Becker)
  • Matthew Broderick(Laird Becker)
  • Natalie Morales(Sara)
  • Scott MacArthur(Jim)
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach(Gary)
  • Kyle Mooney(Jody)
  • Hasan Minhaj(Doug Kahn)
  • Jordan Mendoza(Crispin)
  • Amalia Yoo(Natalie)
  • Alysia Joy Powell(Fern)
  • Quincy Dunn-Baker(Travis)
  • Matthew Noszka(Hot Guy from Bar)
  • Zahn McClarnon(Gabe Sawyer, Surfing Lawyer)
  • Madison Odenborg(Melanie)
  • Christian Galvis(Gorgeous Italian Guy)
  • Matt Walton(Irate Bar Customer)


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