May December (2023) Review:the mysterious power of women

The movie “May December” borrows many elements from early American soap operas, and surprisingly, it works incredibly well, adding some humor to the film. The movie takes a voyeuristic approach to explore the abnormal family relationships, using the oppositional themes of reality versus performance, presence versus experience, and replication versus reflection, with women’s opposition as the expression. The massive age difference and scandalous relationships full of intrigue become the foundation that triggers everything, and Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman’s performances create a wonderful chemistry.

May December (2023) Review:the mysterious power of women
May December (2023)

While the movie has some memorable moments, the narrative and motives of the story are rather weak, resulting in a relatively thin plot. However, there are a few well-designed scenes, such as the one where the young daughter tries on dresses, blurring the lines between age and intergenerational communication. If the movie aims to describe the story of an actress who enjoys exploring and acting, then it is relatively successful, but I believe it could have done more.


May December (2023) Details

Release date:May 20, 2023 (France)

Country of origin:United States


Filming locations:Savannah, Georgia, USA

Production companies:Gloria Sanchez Productions、Killer Films、MountainA


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