Master Gardener(2023)Movie Review: more than just gardening


“Master Gardener” captivates audiences with its alluring title, enticing viewers to delve into the depths of this enigmatic film. This intriguing choice sparks curiosity, effectively drawing viewers in from the get-go.

The film tells the story of a master gardener working on a prestigious woman-owned estate, which opens its gardens once a year for charity. Amidst this backdrop, a reformed white supremacist under witness protection finds himself drawn back into a life of crime as he seeks to protect a young black girl he’s fallen in love with. Yet, the film often meanders through lengthy monologues detailing the finer aspects of gardening.

dialogue, and overall actions of the characters throughout the movie can be best described as peculiar. Director Schrader resolves the fate of the characters and the garden in a Greek-tragic style, emphasizing the inescapability of one’s true nature.

Visually, the film falls short of expectations. While the pale color palette may be intentional, the cinematography fails to leave a lasting impression, save for the monotony and blandness it evokes. That being said, the performances of the three main actors are truly commendable.

“Master Gardener” (2023) offers genuinely unique ideas that may pique the interest of certain viewers. Although I admire Schrader’s boldness in exploring such uncharted territory, I can’t help but feel let down by the film’s inability to push beyond its own boundaries. “Master Gardener” presents thought-provoking concepts but falls flat in evoking any emotional response. Fans of Schrader’s previous works may find themselves disappointed.

Master Gardener(2023) details

Master Gardener(2023)Movie Review: more than just gardening

Director:Paul Schrader
Writer:Paul Schrader
Stars:Joel Edgerton、Sigourney Weaver、Quintessa Swindell
Release date:May 19, 2023 (United States)
Country of origin:United States
Also known as:El maestro jardinero(Spain)、Les racines de la violence(French)
Filming locations:St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA
Production companies:Curmudgeon Films、Kojo Studios、Ottocento Films
Running time:111 min

Master Gardener(2023) storyline

Deep within the lush grounds of Gracewood Gardens, horticulturist Narvel Roth tends to more than just plants. With a meticulous hand and unwavering devotion, he’s created an idyllic sanctuary for his demanding employer, Mrs. Haverhill. But when troubled great-niece Maya arrives seeking apprenticeship, Narvel’s perfectly cultivated life begins to unravel, unearthing secrets from a violent past that threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.—Frank Liesenborgs

Master Gardener (2023) – Official Trailer

Master Gardener(2023) top cast

  • Joel Edgerton(Narvel Roth)
  • Sigourney Weaver(Norma Haverhill)
  • Quintessa Swindell(Maya Core)
  • Esai Morales(Oscar Neruda)
  • Eduardo Losan(Xavier)
  • Victoria Hill(Isobel Phelps)
  • Amy Le(Janine)
  • Erika Ashley(Maggie)
  • Timothy McKinney(Ronnie)
  • Jared Bankens(R.G)
  • Matt Mercurio(Sissy)
  • Christian Freeman(John)
  • Emily Russell(Waitress)
  • Rick Cosnett(Stephen Collins)
  • Bruce Mohat(The Old Man)
  • Jef Figallo(USMS #2)
  • Sean Richmond(USMS #1)
  • Monica R. Harris(Female Host)


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