Mad Heidi(2022)review:new swiss exploitation movie


I love exploitation movies and I was hoping for something more gore , more psychotic non sense . Because Mad Heidi(2022) was crowdfunded, this film deserves even more attention than some of the big Hollywood blockbusters.

Mad Heidi (2022) parodies a plethora of movies, with a script that feels like a mashup of the best bits from Mad Max, Monty Python, and every Kung Fu film you’ve ever watched. The movie’s hilarious premise revolves around a Swiss fascist leader who’s built his empire on cheese, and anyone who doesn’t savor or appreciate his dairy delicacy gets obliterated. Showcasing Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes, the film’s setting and visuals feel entirely authentic. The cinematography highlights Switzerland’s beauty while delivering action-packed scenes laden with blood, gore, and lethal humor. Given the film’s nature and the constraints of the script, the acting is decent. Although the movie lacks comedic abundance, it compensates with its bizarre quirks and excessive violent moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the film, but as it progressed, I found myself increasingly disenchanted and bored. Regrettably, too much time is devoted to Heidi’s transformation into “Mad Heidi” and not enough to her vengeful exploits. While the overall acting varies in quality, it doesn’t necessarily detract from the experience. However, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend paying to see this movie in theaters.

Mad Heidi(2022) details

Mad Heidi(2022)review:new swiss exploitation movie

Directors:Johannes Hartmann、Sandro Klopfstein
Writers:Sandro Klopfstein、Johannes Hartmann、Gregory D. Widmer
Stars:Alice Lucy、Max Rüdlinger、Casper Van Dien
Release date:June 21, 2023 (USA)
Country of origin:Switzerland
Languages:English、Swiss German
Also known as:Mad Heidi
Production companies:Swissploitation Films、A Film Company
Runtime:92 min

Mad Heidi(2022) storyline

In a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese tyrant, Heidi lives the pure and simple life in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather Alpöhi does his best to protect Heidi, but her yearning for freedom soon gets her into trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. The innocent girl transforms herself into a kick-ass female fighting force who sets out to liberate the country from the insane cheese fascists.(From imdb)

Mad Heidi(2022) top cast

  • Alice Lucy(Heidi)
  • Max Rüdlinger(Kommandant Knorr)
  • Casper Van Dien(President Meili)
  • David Schofield(Alpöhi)
  • Kel Matsena(Goat Peter)
  • Almar G. Sato(Klara)
  • Pascal Ulli(Dr. Schwitzgebel)
  • Kaspar Weiss(Minister Gutzweiler)
  • Katja Kolm(Fräulein Rottweiler)
  • Rebecca Dyson-Smith(Lutz)
  • Andrea Fischer-Schulthess(Helvetia)
  • Fabienne Hadorn(Helvetia(voice))
  • Julia Föry(Flora)
  • Jacqueline Fuchs(Rosi(as Jay Fuchs))
  • Leon Herbert(Isaac)
  • Dieter Friedli(Ueli der Knecht)
  • Werner Biermeier(Cheesemaster Kari)
  • Dominique Jann(Cheese Dealer)


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