Influencer(2023)Review:definitely worth a watch

Influencer(2023) is a rare gem in today’s film industry, managing to stand out as a unique and well-crafted movie.

From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, which boasted stunning scenery, excellent acting, a well-developed plot, and an immersive atmosphere. It was a delightful way to spend 90 minutes.

While it may not be a dark mystery or a twisted psychological thriller, Influencer is still a fantastic film for what it is. It shares some similarities with 《A Perfect Getaway》, so fans of that movie will likely appreciate this one as well. In a world where so many films are sequels or remakes, it was refreshing to see something genuinely original that was thoughtfully brought to life on screen.

Influencer(2023)Review:definitely worth a watch
Influencer (2023)Official Trailer

Overall, I highly recommend Influencer to any horror fan. Despite being a small indie production, it is a true standout and worth watching.

Influencer(2023) Details

Release date:2023 (United States)
Country of origin:United States
Also known as:Інфлюенсер
Filming locations:Bangkok, Thailand
Production companies:Octane Entertainment、Superchill

Influencer(2023) Storyline

While struggling on a solo backpacking trip in Thailand, social media influencer Madison meets CW, who travels with ease and shows her a more uninhibited way of living, but CW’s interest in her takes a darker turn.(From imdb)

From filmaffinity

Influencer(2023) top cast

  • Emily Tennant(Madison)
  • Rory J Saper (Ryan)
  • Cassandra Naud(CW)
  • Justin Sams(Jay)
  • Paul Spurrier(Rupert)
  • Sara Canning(Jessica)


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