Hypnotic (2023) review:the concept behind the movie is intriguing

As a fan of Robert Rodriguez, I was eager to check out his latest film, Hypnotic (2023). However, my enthusiasm was quickly extinguished once the movie began. While the film may have drawn inspiration from other classics such as Inception and Memento, it ultimately feels like a cheap parody with no budget. It’s not surprising that this turned out to be another hastily put-together attempt at filmmaking.

The concept behind the movie is intriguing, but it feels rushed and underdeveloped. There are plenty of twists and turns that hold the viewer’s attention, but they feel hollow and lack substance. The screenplay appears to be inadequate for a full-length feature film. I think this script is more suitable for a TV series.

Hypnotic (2023) review:the concept behind the movie is intriguing
Hypnotic(2023)Official Trailer

The ideas are introduced but never fully explored, leaving the audience with a sense of dissatisfaction. It seems as though the filmmaker was content with keeping the film simple, possibly afraid of becoming too complex. Personally, I would have liked to see more of the “Hypnotics” at work or to learn more about their origins. It’s frustrating when a movie wastes a good concept, a talented cast, and an interesting plot twist.

The first two acts of the film are poorly edited and feature weak set pieces and bland visuals. Overall, Hypnotic (2023) is poorly constructed, and even though it’s a fantasy film, it’s filled with too many unbelievable moments. I would recommend waiting for the film to stream for free rather than paying to watch it.

Hypnotic (2023) review:the concept behind the movie is intriguing
Hypnotic(2023)Official Trailer

Hypnotic (2023) details

Director:Robert Rodriguez
Writers:Robert Rodriguez、Max Borenstein
Stars:Ben Affleck、Alice Braga、JD Pardo
Release date:March 12, 2023(SXSW) (United States)
Country of origin:United States
Also known as:Hypnotic、Υπνωτιστές(Greece)、
Filming locations:Austin, Texas, USA(Downtown)
Production companies:Blue Rider Pictures、Double R Productions (II)、Hoosegow Productions

Hypnotic (2023) storyline

Detective Danny Rourke’s daughter, Minnie, goes missing, causing his marriage to fall apart. While investigating a bank heist, Rourke encounters a mysterious man named Lev Dellrayne who possesses the power to control minds. Rourke finds a clue related to his daughter during the heist, leading him to a fortune-teller named Diana Cruz. Both Rourke and Cruz are revealed to be powerful hypnotists trained by a secretive government division.(From imdb)

From filmaffinity

Hypnotic (2023) top cast

  • Ben Affleck(Danny Rourke)
  • Alice Braga(Diana Cruz)
  • JD Pardo(Nicks)
  • Dayo Okeniyi(River)
  • Jeff Fahey(Carl)
  • Jackie Earle Haley(Jeremiah)
  • William Fichtner(Dellrayne)
  • Zane Holtz(Trout)
  • Ruben Javier Caballero(Watkins)
  • Kelly Frye(Viv)
  • Sandy Avila(Thelma)
  • Ryan Ryusaki(Bong)
  • Hala Finley(Minnie (10 yo))
  • Ionie Olivia Nieves(Minnie (7 yo))
  • Corina Calderon(Maria)
  • Nikki Dixon(Therapist)


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