A Beautiful Life(2023)Review:good scenery and music, general plot


A Beautiful Life(2023) has excellent music, stunning scenery, and attractive actors and actresses. However, the plot of the movie is too outdated. If you enjoy watching overly clichéd romantic movies, then this movie is perfect for you. It’s an ideal choice for a lazy Sunday when you’re relaxing with a cup of tea and some biscuits.

The first half of the movie is well-developed, but the second half feels rushed. The romance is filled with predictable clichés and a very overused twist at the end. There’s nothing particularly new or innovative about the story. Although the plot has potential, it seems like the filmmakers didn’t have enough time to fully flesh it out.

The music is good, but it doesn’t provide any insight into the background story of each song. However, Christopher, the singer, is truly amazing!

A Beautiful Life(2023)Review:good scenery and music, general plot

A Beautiful Life(2023)Details

Release date:June 1, 2023(internet)(United States)
Country of origin:Denmark
Official site:Netflix Site
Also known as:Hayat Güzel
Filming locations:Copenhagen, Denmark

A Beautiful Life(2023)Storyline

Elliott, a young fisherman with an extraordinary voice, gets the chance of a lifetime when he is discovered by the successful high-profile music manager, Suzanne. Suzanne soon pairs Elliott with her estranged daughter and music producer, Lily. On his way to becoming a star, struggles from the past threaten not only his big breakthrough, but also the budding love with Lily.

A Beautiful Life | Official Trailer 

A Beautiful Life(2023)top cast

  • Christopher(Elliott)
  • Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas(Lilly)
  • Christine Albeck Børge(Suzanne)
  • Ardalan Esmaili(Patrick)
  • Sebastian Jessen(Oliver)
  • Paw Henriksen(Jesper)
  • Jonathan Harboe(Dennis)
  • Jefferson Bond(John)


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