97 Minutes(2023)review:Disappointing plane movie

I had high hopes when I first sat down to watch this action-packed disaster movie, but my expectations quickly plummeted. It’s painfully obvious that this film was made on a shoestring budget; everything from the opening credits to the sound and photography are well below average. The story itself is a tired rehash of every other plane movie, with no creativity or originality to speak of. The script, characters, and execution are all subpar and make for a complete waste of time.

In my opinion, this movie is pretty mediocre, if not downright bad. It throws you right into the action without any build-up or exposition, and many of the events that occur don’t make any sense. The pacing is rushed, leaving the viewer feeling unsatisfied and confused. It’s especially disappointing to see Hollywood heavyweight Alec Baldwin get involved with such a low-quality production. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of hijacked plane thrillers, I wouldn’t recommend paying to see this movie.

97 Minutes(2023) details

97 Minutes(2023)review:Disappointing plane movie

Director:Timo Vuorensola
Writer:Pavan Grover
Stars:Jonathan Rhys Meyers、Alec Baldwin、MyAnna Buring
Release date:June 9, 2023 (United States)
Countries of origin:United Kingdom、United States、Canada
Also known as:97 хвилин、97 minuter(Sweden)、97 minuuttia(Finland)
Filming locations:Alton, Hampshire, England, UK
Production companies:Black Hangar Studios、Black Lab、BondIt Media Capital

97 Minutes(2023)storyline

A hijacked 767 will crash in just 97 minutes when its fuel runs out. Against the strong will of NSA Deputy Toyin, NSA Director Hawkins prepares to have the plane shot down before it does any catastrophic damage on the ground, leaving the fate of the innocent passengers in the hands of Alex, an undercover Interpol agent who has been embedded in the terrorist cell.(From imdb)

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97 Minutes(2023)top cast

  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers(Alex)
  • Alec Baldwin(Hawkins)
  • MyAnna Buring(Kim)
  • Jo Martin(Toyin)
  • Michael Sirow(Asghar)
  • Pavan Grover(Anan)
  • Anjul Nigam(Hitar)
  • Davor Tomic(Marko)
  • Slavko Sobin(Orca)
  • Peter Brooke(Stuart)
  • Austin Parsons(Red)
  • Kasia Koleczek(Leika)
  • Danny Bohnen(Pilot Gill)
  • Joe Corrigall(Tech 1)
  • Tatiana Bondar(Alex’s Wife)
  • Kelly Burke(Jenna)


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